who we are

At Arcane International, we are driven by a profound belief in the power of intelligence to shape destinies. Our team consists of individuals with exceptional backgrounds, including veterans from the IDF’s Elite Intelligence Units and various government intelligence organizations. The founders of Arcane have deep-rooted experience in the Israeli intelligence and cyber sectors, where they tackled high-level national security concerns, ultimately kindling a passion for providing actionable intelligence.

Our extensive international reach spans across Europe, The United States, South/Central America, and the Middle East, forging a diverse and influential network with a wide array of skills. This global perspective allows us to offer a tailored suite of solutions, finely tuned to meet the unique requirements of your challenges.

co founders


Chief Executive Officer

Our Chief Executive Officer brings a wealth of experience from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and the Prime Minister’s Office, where he honed his skills in intelligence, technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership.
His unique ability to merge logical and creative thinking for complex problem-solving is at the core of our agency’s capabilities.
He holds a BA in Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy with a specialization in Homeland Security and Counter-Terrorism.

MR. Majd Bader

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Our Head of Strategic Partnerships, on the other hand, has a rich background in international relations and strategy, gained from roles at the Israeli Intelligence Ministry and in the high-tech startup sector.
His expertise in both the public and private spheres, along with his holistic approach to investigations, contributes significantly to our agency’s success. He holds a BA in Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy, graduating with high honors and participating in the Argov Fellowship Program for leadership and diplomacy during his time at Reichman University. Together, our leadership team is dedicated to delivering actionable intelligence and strategic solutions to our clients.

Board of advisors

Mr. Guy Mizrahi

With an extensive background as an Ex-8200 consultant, Guy accrued over 25 years of deep involvement in the cybersecurity landscape, elevating his status to that of a high-net-worth entrepreneur. Guy’s entrepreneurial journey boasts the creation of impactful entities like Cyberia, Cyberhat, and CyPros, all rooted in cutting-edge cyber technology.

Ms. Anessa Allen Santos

Anessa Allen Santos is a seasoned attorney who has served in senior management positions leading several technology companies from idea through acquisition by publicly traded companies. She is passionate about the promise of blockchain and web3 technologies to resolve financial exclusion, and to impose greater transparency on public markets and government agencies.

Mr. Stanley Foodman

Stanley Foodman (CPA, CFE, CFF, CAMS, CGMA, TEP) is the CEO and President of Foodman CPAs & Advisors. Stanley Foodman established a banking practice within Foodman CPA & Advisors serving more than 150 Financial Institutions around the world. Foodman is at the forefront of banking compliance and is currently a recognized industry expert on FATCA, CRS, BSA/AML, OFAC, FCPA, and FinCEN matters.

Dr. Mark Baker

Dr. Baker is an alumnus of Oxford University, Cambridge University and Imperial College, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, and is an influential figure in the intersection of technology, venture capital, and financial innovation.

Mr. Majed Alseyabi

Majed Alseyabi is an experienced professional from the United Arab Emirates with a strong background in information systems, business analytics, and office management. Mr. Majed Alseyabi has a proven track record of success in a variety of roles.

Mr. Ian Sorek

Ian Sorek is an international sales and business development expert with over 25 years of experience in senior regional positions at leading Israeli and global technology companies across multiple industries.


Arcane utilizes extraordinary HUMINT (Human Intelligence) capabilities with Cyber intelligence to provide our clients with the insights they need to make informed decisions and achieve their objectives. Arcane International utilizes unique methodologies for gathering information and cross-referencing sources. Arcane’s expertise in acquiring extensive intelligence and translating it to actionable insights, enables effective, intelligence-informed conduct.


Within the realm of intelligence, Arcane International’s expertise extends far beyond the high-stakes legal and financial transactions that typically command our attention. While we are dedicated to meeting the demands of multinational corporations and intricate schemes, our services also cater to private individuals with intelligence requirements and specialized institutions. Our comprehensive array of offerings includes intelligence-driven dispute resolution, deep-dive due diligence investigations, comprehensive background checks, fraud detection, asset recovery, white-collar crime investigations, and cyber capabilities.

Arcane leverages a spectrum of intelligence sources, ranging from “open source intelligence” (OSINT) and “human intelligence” (HUMINT) to concealed, highly specialized sources, ensuring a holistic approach to intelligence gathering. Our solutions encompass cutting-edge cyber technologies, fortification of communication systems, cyber operations, and an array of other capabilities designed to meet the unique demands of our clients.


Arcane International specializes in resolving complex intelligence issues. Through a capable team, recruited from Israeli intelligence agencies, Arcane is able to reach anywhere and decipher anything. Arcane prides itself on providing clients with clear-cut insights and actionable suggestions. The Arcane pipeline is highly reliant on the problem at hand and the client’s needs, leading to a dynamic individualized approach.

Our approach relies upon getting down to the micro and using it to understand the wider picture and frame our insights practically. Arcane International’s HUMINT capabilities consist of a highly diverse multinational and multicultural team. This allows us not only to have a global reach, but provide culturally- sensitive insight that uniquely considers cultural norms (business and legal norms), reputation, political risks, and more as needed. Arcane provides precise insights that are rooted in the unique reality of the situation.


Mr. Guy Mizrahi

As a tech-oriented manager, his expertise extends from cybersecurity intricacies to visionary product development. Not only he is a seasoned cyber expert, but also a proficient lecturer and adept in the realms of marketing and sales. A foundational member of the Israeli cyber community, Guy proudly serves as the Cyber Steering Committee Chairman for the Israeli InnoTech Conference, exemplifying his commitment to advancing cybersecurity and technology on a global scale.

Ms. Anessa Allen Santos

Her practice is dedicated to helping innovative corporate clients maximize their growth potential while effectively navigating evolving regulations applicable to their business models. 

Anessa has been appointed as a Special Magistrate and qualified as an expert witness for matters involving digital assets and financial regulations. She is a crypto-consultant for Forbes contributor Edward Siedle, is a published academic, and lectures at select events, including at the National Press Club, on Capitol Hill, and for the Florida Bar. Anessa has received several recognitions for her work in blockchain, such as the Top 100 People in Finance, Solo Female Entrepreneur of the Year from the Stevie Awards, and the Best ESG/SDG Token from Coinstreet Partners, among others.

Anessa serves the legal community in leadership positions within the Florida Bar and with the Florida Blockchain Business Association – Florida’s dedicated blockchain lobbyist organization. She is a proud alumna of Oxford’s Saïd Business School where she studied Blockchain Strategies and Financial Technology. She received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Dayton and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Diplomacy from Wright State University.

Mr. Stanley Foodman

He is widely known within the national and international banking community as the “go-to firm” for FATCA/CRS and has been an instructor at the Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA) and the Federation of Latin American Banks (FELABAN). Due to the convergence occurring between FATCA, AML/PLFT, OFAC, FCPA, and FinCEN regulations, Foodman launched a Corporate Governance initiative. Stanley has dedicated time and resources to providing our clients with the understanding that corporate financial governance standards are interrelated.

Mr. Foodman is a renowned forensic accountant who specializes in complex tax compliance matters, including cross-border transaction reporting, estate planning, and real estate transactions for high-net-worth individuals. He is also a renowned author who has published articles in national and international banking magazines, newspapers, magazines, and online publications.

Dr. Mark Baker

He reviews medical publications for the Lancet, mentors’ start-ups and interns, and is currently involved in the development of the University of Cambridge’s Master of Research programs. 

Mark has won a number of major scientific awards for innovation. Dr. Baker has made significant strides in blockchain and cryptocurrency domains, leveraging his profound expertise to foster ground-breaking tech investments. With a keen insight into algorithms and derivatives trading, he excels in identifying and capitalizing on emergent opportunities in the tech sector. His influence extends to Private Placements and Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment, where his strategic foresight and technological acumen facilitate impactful financial decisions. Dr. Baker’s distinguished career is marked by his contributions to advancing the frontiers of technology and finance.

Mr. Majed Alseyabi

Professionally, Mr. Alseyabi has a demonstrated history working in the Oil and Gas, Social Support, Aviation & Aerospace industries. He has served in different Emirati governmental entities as well as in the private sector, working internationally with VCs to promote businesses and facilitate services. Mr. Alseyabi was recognized by the Global Excellence Assembly with the 2022 Men of Influence Award in recognition of his outstanding efforts to bridge the divide between the Abrahamic Accords Countries, thus promoting harmony, business, and cooperation.

Mr. Ian Sorek

Ian Sorek is an international sales and business development expert with over 25 years of experience in senior regional positions at leading Israeli and global technology companies across multiple industries.

He has lived in Thailand, Singapore, and the UK, and has worked in over 50 countries, executing sales and building long-lasting partnerships. Ian is also a certified coach, helping executives develop a winning mindset and mentoring entrepreneurs on pitch delivery, financial projections, presentations, and go-to-market strategies.

At Arcane International, Ian is responsible for sourcing and qualifying strategic partners and clients in APAC and globally, and providing Arcane’s clients with qualified M&A and acquisition candidates.