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Fraud investigation: Discovering Who’s Behind the Fraudulent Investment Platform

A high net-worth individual from the United States had fallen prey to a fraudulent venture capital investment platform, resulting in losses exceeding several millions of dollars. The VC had no publicly-available information, and we set out to determine who was behind the operation. 

Arcane conducted a comprehensive investigation using open, and encrypted sources of intelligence. We discovered a deep-rooted connection between the fraudulent trading platform and a fintech firm. However, revealing the company’s name and owners was insufficient to prosecute them for fraud. We thus set out to collect evidence to strengthen our client’s case against them, painting a picture of the network involved in the fraudulent activity. 

We utilized complex monitoring to identify the owner of the platform and his associates. The owner of the fintech company had dual citizenships and went by different names in each country. Thus, our team used cross-reference expertise to gather and verify intelligence on him and his associates. Arcane discovered disclosed documents about an old lawsuit that took place in a developing country. The lawsuit identified a fintech company owned by the same owner that was implicated in fraudulent activities. Access to these documents revealed the names and details of all those involved and enabled us to establish precedence. These documents were a game-changer for the client, who gained significant leverage in the legal proceedings against the company. 




Mr. Guy Mizrahi

As a tech-oriented manager, his expertise extends from cybersecurity intricacies to visionary product development. Not only he is a seasoned cyber expert, but also a proficient lecturer and adept in the realms of marketing and sales. A foundational member of the Israeli cyber community, Guy proudly serves as the Cyber Steering Committee Chairman for the Israeli InnoTech Conference, exemplifying his commitment to advancing cybersecurity and technology on a global scale.