Uncovering Negative Campaigns

Those behind negative campaigns utilize a range of techniques to instill doubt in the minds of their competitors or their competitors’ clients. Arcane International’s dedicated capabilities rely on specialized intelligence teams tasked with uncovering PsyOps campaigns. These campaigns are specifically designed to tarnish a business’s reputation, severely diminish its standing, and manipulate market conditions to drive down its stock price. Such tactics are often employed to manipulate a competitive advantage. Our exceptional resources, complemented by advanced tools, empower us to uncover the orchestrators of these negative campaigns, and halt their activities before further harm occurs. We gather concrete evidence of rivals spreading false information and engaging in collusion, enabling us to provide incriminating evidence.

Our Other Solutions

Mr. Guy Mizrahi

As a tech-oriented manager, his expertise extends from cybersecurity intricacies to visionary product development. Not only he is a seasoned cyber expert, but also a proficient lecturer and adept in the realms of marketing and sales. A foundational member of the Israeli cyber community, Guy proudly serves as the Cyber Steering Committee Chairman for the Israeli InnoTech Conference, exemplifying his commitment to advancing cybersecurity and technology on a global scale.