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We live in an increasingly information-driven world, in which reliable intelligence is paramount to advancing financial and legal interests. In a world in which strategic goals are challenged by uncertainty, Arcane International provides the insights that enable our clients to shape their destinies. Arcane reduces incredible complexity and uncertainty by bringing information to light, providing insights needed to act in accordance with strategic goals, and enhancing decision-making capabilities.

Arcane International provides intelligence gathering and strategic consulting by operating at the intersection of corporate, legal, and economic investigation. Arcane enables our clients to protect themselves against potential threats and better plan for future operational activities.

Our ability to gather purposefully hidden, and hard-to-access information, enables us to be ahead of the curve. In a world that’s increasingly driven by data, the need for precise and accurate information is only increasing, and Arcane aims to be at the forefront of utilizing intelligence for action.




Arcane utilizes extraordinary HUMINT (Human Intelligence) capabilities with Cyber intelligence to provide our clients with the insights they need to make informed decisions and achieve their objectives.

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What Makes Us Unique

Arcane International stands out by seamlessly merging Cyber Intelligence and HUMINT capabilities. Driven by a team of experts drawn from elite intelligence units and government organizations, we convert diverse data into actionable insights, providing comprehensive assessments to drive informed decisions.
We lead the way in innovation and international capabilities, using cutting-edge methods and an extensive international network to address complex challenges. With an unwavering commitment to delivering precise and accurate intelligence, Arcane International ensures that our clients not only stay informed but also maintain a competitive edge. Welcome to the future of intelligence with Arcane International, where innovation meets actionable insight.

Mr. Guy Mizrahi

As a tech-oriented manager, his expertise extends from cybersecurity intricacies to visionary product development. Not only he is a seasoned cyber expert, but also a proficient lecturer and adept in the realms of marketing and sales. A foundational member of the Israeli cyber community, Guy proudly serves as the Cyber Steering Committee Chairman for the Israeli InnoTech Conference, exemplifying his commitment to advancing cybersecurity and technology on a global scale.